The Wedding Paparazzi


The next time you attend a wedding you may want to take photographs but bear in mind a few things before you press the shutter. 

Do not photograph the bride and groom walking down the aisle. The happy couple will want to see your smiling face and not the back of your phone or worse still your iPad! 

Do not step or lean into the aisle to take photos as you will block the photographer’s and other guests view.

Do not move about inside the church to get a better angle. I don’t do it and neither should you.

Do not take photographs during the ceremony as this is very rude. It is a solemn moment and even the professional may not have permission. 

If you are a keen photographer do not take your DSLR with lenses and flashgun as this will not impress anyone especially the professional photographer. Leave your expensive kit safely at home and just enjoy the day.

During a civil ceremony you will probably be invited to take photos of the signing of the register. Don’t be shy and take photos from your seat – you’re wasting your time. All you will see is the backs of guests and the couple will be too far away to make it worthwhile. Step forward and get a good close up.

Do not interfere with the professional photographer while he is working such as arranging your own group shots. He has a job to do within a preplanned schedule and it will only delay the running of the day.

When photographing the first dance keep off the dance floor until the DJ invites you to join in. I’ve seen a guest take photos during the first dance then stop the couple half way through to show them her photos. It was simply attention seeking that spoilt the bride & groom’s big moment, ruined my shoot and I was not impressed.

Do not post photos on social media unless you have checked with the happy couple.

Do not take a selfie stick for the simple reason it’s really naff!

Finally, please take plenty of photos but use some common sense while doing so. Above all have lots of fun!


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