Begging for beginners

For the record I don’t take any notice of begging emails especially if you are getting married in one of the top venues in Majorca and you want me to do more photos a few days after the wedding. Saying that I will get great shots for my portfolio is an insult. I think in this case ‘budget’ means what the bride wants to spend and not what she can afford. Below is a genuine email I received from a bride to be. I’ve redacted some details to protect the woman in question.

Hi Andrew,

Just so you know a quick history of me, I have pushed the boat out to have my wedding at my dream location, the XXXXXXX Majorca, but our family business have suffered the past 6 months, and I am struggling to get all the rest of the wedding how I want it within my budget. I hope you can take this into consideration when you consider a quote for me, sorry to ask, but I would rather be honest with you right from the start. I can see your passion in what you do, so I hope it’s as much as a pleasure for you to take the photos as it is a business, and you may just be able to give me an extra special price just this one time, In hope I’ll give you some amazing photos for your portfolio. X. The wedding is XXXXXXXXX, I am going for a romantic dreamy theme, which I think fits the venue nicely. I wanted to also hire the house out next to the XXXXXXXX, as it allows you to stay there until 3am, but it’s an extra 1000 euros plus caterers, so I’ve decided to go with a restaurant in XXXXX village. I won’t get a disco till late here, unfortunately something has to be sacrificed, but I will get a lovely restaurant and maybe I might hire a band depending, or if not, I’ll just have some music. I am only having a small intimate wedding of 30-35 people. So it may only go on till midnight once we’ve eaten at 9pm ish, and done the speeches, it may not be too late. The XXXXXXXX rent the white stone for the ceremony from 6pm-9pm, so you probably won’t need to start taking the pictures until after 4pm of me getting ready in my hotel room. I’m just thinking how it would be possible to take photos of me coming out hotel and arriving at the XXXXXXXX, if you would need to be getting photos of guests mingling and chatting for an hour before I get there? As it’s only 5 minutes drive, maybe you can go to them at 6.30pm for half and hour then come back to me when I leave for the ceremony at 7pm? I’m sure you can sort that 🙂 And whether you want to get any of me in the streets before I go, or whether it’s better to come back a day or two after and get us both in the streets, as these photos look quite nice. We are staying for another week after the wedding so any day, this would be possible. Sorry, so many questions! 🙂 Looking forward to your reply, Regards XXXX. Xxx

I suppose if you don’t ask you don’t get but I prefer not be asked.

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